Terms and conditions

Customer Account Responsibilities

The Customer has the responsibility to complete all the fields related to the information of his client account. First of all the information for the purposes of the invoice (VAT number and / or Tax Code) as well as a telephone contact and a valid email address. He has responsibility for that information.

Domain Registration & Information Required

The user requesting the registration of a domain or the activation of a service is required to communicate the necessary information that is requested for FISCAL purposes so that the service can be activated. It is therefore responsible for their activation in the event of failure to communicate or incorrect communication of the necessary data.

Liability of the domain

The domain owner is directly responsible for what he publishes. He must also keep himself informed about the binding regulation referring to internet domains (tld) and to what published on the domain of his ownership and responsibility

Domain configuration already registered with another provider

It is possible to configure an already existing / registered domain at another provider / maintainer with a pointing towards the chosen and purchased OcusfocusNET hosting. The configuration in this case can only be performed by the domain owner or his administrator.
PLESK Hosting services and their management / use are intended for technically experienced and trained users.


The activation of any purchased service is strictly subject to its payment having been received and received (Paypal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer). Any reply to payment that has not taken place is a reason for interruption of the service or continuation of the order, in this case there will be communication from the administration via email. In the event of failure to respond, the service or order will be interrupted.

Transfer of existing domain (already registered with another provider)

The transfer of a domain is subject to a request by OcusfocusNET and possible validation for confirmation / acceptance / authorization by the domain owner to his current provider (his current supplier). The eventual lack of authorization (if requested by the starting provider) may be the cause, on the part of the final arrival provider, of freezing the transfer and subsequent termination of the requested service.